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常見問題 FAQs

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第一次診治的流程是怎樣,有什麼準備? What to expect and how to prepare for my first therapy session?2020-11-30T23:00:39+08:00

如果您是第一次來本中心接受治療,請預早十分鐘到達, 並帶同你的身份證明文件及醫生轉介信,以便作出登記等安排。我們建議接受治療前不要吃過飽或太餓。如果您有自己的X光片、磁力共震片、醫生報告或一切有關文件可以令物理治療師更加了解你情況,也鼓勵您帶來。治療師會先進行問診、檢查、評估及診斷,再根據閣下病情作出建議治療方向及計劃。如情況適合,可以即時進行治療。

Please arrive 10 minutes before the first therapy session in order to have time for initial registration. Please bring along your ID document together with your doctor referral letter. We advise you not to be too full or too hungry before treatment. Please also bring along any past medical reports, X-ray and MRI if you have, so that we can have a better understanding of your situation. Our physiotherapist will first do consultation and various examinations to evaluate your condition, and then give recommendation on your treatment direction and plan based on that. If conditions are suitable, treatment can be proceeded.

需要穿著甚麼? What to wear?2020-11-30T23:01:19+08:00


Patients may be required to expose partially during examination and treatment, therefore, we recommend bringing your own shorts and t-shirts for better comfort. Clean shorts and sleeveless shirts are available in our centre, but sizes may not fit everyone. If necessary, our assistants are always ready to help.

求診物理治療,可否claim保險 ? Can I claim insurance for physiotherapy treatment?2023-05-04T15:56:13+08:00

本中心由認可之註冊物理治療師提供服務,病人於本中心接受的治療服務獲各大保險公司認可,但需要留意不同保險的保障範圍也不同,一般的「意外保險」通常包括檢查費 (例如照X光) 及有關治療費用 (醫生及物理治療等),最好先跟你的保險公司確認。


The treatment and service of this centre is provided by registered physiotherapist and have been approved by major insurance companies; but it should be noted that the coverage of different insurance plans varies from company to company, e.g., general “accident insurance” usually covers examination fees (such as X-rays) and related treatment fees (doctors and physical therapy etc.), it’s better to be confirmed with your insurance company.

In Hong Kong, to access physiotherapy requires referral letter from doctors(GP/Specialist/dentist). You will need to explain the detail history of the injury to your doctor. Your doctor will first assess and examine your medical condition, if necessary, will write a referral letter for physiotherapy. The insurance claim-form would have to be completed by the corresponding doctor as well.

我沒有醫生轉介信,可以來檢查或治療嗎? Can I come for an examination or treatment if I don’t have a referral letter from doctor?2020-11-15T23:13:10+08:00



According to the current law in Hong Kong, service user who receives physiotherapy has to obtain a referral from a doctor (GP / specialist) or a dentist first.

A valid medical referral with the signature and chop of doctor has to be issued within 6 months. Our centre reserves the right to decline the service delivery to any service user who is not able to present a valid medical referral.
If you have any doubt on this issue, please feel free to contact us. We can meet with you and advice the process you needed to follow up your problem.


可以用信用咭付款嗎? Can I pay by credit card?2020-12-26T23:27:58+08:00

Apart from cash, we accept multiple electronic payment methods including the following:

Visa/ MasterCard
Union Pay銀聯卡
JCB/ Diners Club/ Discover
Apple Pay/ Google Pay
Alipay支付寶/ WeChatPay微信支付

惡劣天氣安排 Bad weather condition arrangement2020-11-15T23:08:57+08:00

如開診前懸掛8號(或以上)熱帶氣旋信號 / 黑色暴雨警告信號,本中心將暫停服務,並於信號除下兩小時後恢復服務;
如8號(或以上)熱帶氣旋信號 / 黑色暴雨警告信號上信號於下午4時後才取消,本中心當日餘下時間將暫停服務。

If Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above/ Black Rainstorm Signal is hoisted before the opening hour, clinic service will be suspended; if the signal is lowered, clinic service will be resumed in 2 hours;
If Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above Signal is hoisted during the opening hour, clinic service will be suspended after completing the on-site cases;
If Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above/ Black Rainstorm Signal is still in effect at 4pm, all evening service will be cancelled.


你們收醫療券或醫療咭嗎? Do you accept Health Care Voucher or Medical Card?2020-12-01T22:49:43+08:00


Sorry, we do not accept payment by Health Care Voucher or Medical Card.

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